Spring Cleaning Series Part 4: Under Sink Counters

Happy Wednesday friends. Welcome to part 4 of the Spring Cleaning series.

When I started this series I had a number of things I wanted to talk about, and the list is still pretty long. So far we have chatted about your pantry, kids clothes and what you say to yourself. I hope these topics have been helpful to you. I have received a few messages that these have been useful, so I will keep sharing my organizational tips for your homes and life in general.

I took a little poll on Instagram and it kept going back and forth, but settled on the topic of under counters.

When it comes to the space under your sinks (kitchen and bathroom are the two I tackled), it really comes down to three things.
1. What do you want to use the space for (storage, or day-to-day use)
2. Size
3. Location of your pipes

When looking into HOW to organize your space, you need to consider those three ideas.
In our last house, the pipes under the sinks were all over the place and it did not give much space for storage. I am thankful that this house is more efficient for utilizing the space under the sinks.


  1. Decided how you will use the space.
  2. Take everything out.
  3. Decide what is going back under and what is staying out.
  4. Measure your space and where the pipes are.
  5. Get supplies for organizing. This could be reusing what you already have, buying some new things or a mix of those two.
  6. Put everything back in in a way that lets you see what you have, and can get to things easily. (Why I love drawers & baskets)

My fav tool that I have used in so many of my cabinets is this organizer from The Container Store. I love that it can change sizes depending on your needs, and you can arrange the shelves and drawers anyway you want to fit around pipes and such. It even worked with my cabinets that have a divider in the middle.

Our bathroom before and after

Different organizing happened before I settled on using the under sink organizer! Game changer because I have 2 levels of storage now, which helps so much! I love being able to pull our the drawer or the basket and get what I need with ease.

Under our sink was a TOTAL disaster. Actually at the start of the project I decided to paint the bottom of the cabinet white. It actually turned out to be very helpful because I discovered a leak in our garbage disposal and we were able to get that replaced with everything already being out of the cabinet.

You can see this one is organized a bit different from the one in the bathroom due to the pipes and the garbage disposal. That is the beauty of this organizer and the way things can mix and match.

I hope this helps you see different ways to organize under a sink. If you ever have any questions, or want some more specific advice, feel free to reach out!
Stay tuned for part 5, where I will talk about cleaning supplies!

8 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Series Part 4: Under Sink Counters”

  1. I definitely need to do this soon. I feel like I always put stuff underneath the sink and I never see it again…lol. I’m sure I will have some hidden gems that I come across when I start cleaning.


  2. Great job! I usually have to wait until the boys are out of town to get anything tidied. Then I get out the big ol’ garbage bags and go to town! I always feel so much better when it’s done!


  3. This is great! I literally just organized under our bathroom sink last weekend – it was driving me nuts and I finally had some time to get it done! It actually took much longer than I thought, but now that it’s organized, I literally feel less stress!


  4. I am loving all of these Spring Cleaning tips! I have been slowly working on thing here, especially some serious decluttering!!


  5. Looks great. As the husband of a paediatrician I’d also recommend to people to make sure that liquid detergent (especially the tablets that look a bit like sweets) isn’t left in the underneath cupboard or anywhere kids can reach them. It can do some nasty irreversible damage. A child proof lock is all it needs.


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