What’s Your Word?

Hello friend, today I want to chat with y’all about something that has been on my mind for a while. I actually had intended to write a post about this back in January of this year as I launched this new blog. Words are really important to me. Words and their meaning have been something I tend to focus on as a blog writer, and an avid reader. Over the past several years, I have had many words that have stuck out to me and become like a theme for the year. Sometimes I know what they are in the beginning of the year, and other times, the words have come to me as the year has progressed. Some of my past words have been fearless, strong, brave, hope, faith, rest, and courage. Each year I can def see a theme with these words. For me, I know they were a word from God to help me face different situations. This year has been no exception. Near the middle of December, the word joy was popping up all over for me. And not just with all the Christmas celebrations going on. I saw it on random signs, in different cards, I heard it in different books and podcasts I was listening to, and it was so strong on my heart. I knew that it was my word for 2019!

As you know, the word JOY is a part of my blog name as well as my social medial accounts.
I know I have heard the word joy for most of my life, and a lot of the time I was associated with happiness. As life would have it, I even heard some messages from pastors about the word joy, and how it was much more than just a feeling of happiness. That sat with me really deeply, and I knew I had to explore this more over this year. I also wondered what was coming my way. If I am honest, 2018 held a lot of moments that were not very happy, and I struggled to find joy in those moments. I really had to work through the emotions and disappointments to find the joy in the grief. It was and still is not always so simple.

Webster defines JOY as: the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires; the expression or exhibition of such emotion; to experience great pleasure or delight.

Looking at the outside of all that happened last year, and even events that have happened this year, how was I going to find joy? I wasn’t happy that my grandma passed away. I wasn’t happy that I lost several good friends to different illnesses. I wasn’t happy when my dear friends lost their 8 month old sweet boy. I wasn’t happy finding out I had a torn meniscus. I wasn’t happy when my husband was in job transition. I wasn’t happy when I struggled to pass my recent certification. I had a lot of reasons to be sad and depressed. To let life take me down. BUT, that is where I had to dig deep and really find out what JOY was really all about.

I am not a word scholar, or claim to know all the roots of different words, but I think there is a lot of truth in what Marie Kondo says about items that spark joy! It is much deeper than just a surface happiness. It goes beyond things in life lining up in a certain way. For me, joy has come out of gratitude. Choosing joy is choosing to me thankful, not matter what the circumstances are. I can choose joy despite what is going on in my day, despite the weather, despite challenges and disappointments. Joy is a state of mind and being, and not dependent on happy emotions!

Do I always choose joy? Nope! But I am learning how to be better at that. I keep a gratitude journal. I remind myself of the blessings in my life. I work on surrounding myself with people who speak that kind of truth into my life. I am beyond grateful for those people and how they impact my life. It is my prayer that I do the same in return!

One of my BFFs got me a gorgeous bracelet for Christmas that has my word on it! It is a constant reminder to make the choice to find joy each day! The company that made it is so amazing! My original bracelet had an issue and they were on it right away and sent me a new one! Fab customer service! If you want to order your own word bracelet, I would highly recommend My Intent! You can get $10 off your order by using my link!

No matter what you may be facing today, it is my hope that you can also find JOY in your journey!

Did you pick a word for 2019? How has it been helping you through the ups and downs of life this year?

4 thoughts on “What’s Your Word?”

  1. Joy is a great word for 2019. For me Perseverance is always one that comes to mind. Especially with all of the changes in my life this year.


  2. Choosing joy is something that I too believe can be an intentional act. Love how much “joy” the word brings you


  3. Joy is a great word. I’m an optimist, so that’s not too far off for me, although “joy” feels sparklier to me. Choosing joy is a great way to approach life.


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