Happy October Y’all!

Fall is in full swing! Well, everything except for the weather. My car read 101* yesterday, BUT they say a cold front is coming this week! I will take any fall weather that I can get. Fall temps are one of the few things I miss about living in the north. I love the warmer weather, and most of the time, the humidity doesn’t bother me too much.

The last two weeks have been a bit over the top full! I teach for two different gyms across six different facilities. Every quarter we launch all the new Les Mills material with new music and choreography. Each company launches at different times, so my mind is usually a bit of a mushy mess for a week or so, depending on the difference in launch dates. This time one club launched Sept 14th and the other the 28th. Overall the process was less painful than usual! Haha I think I am getting better at keeping the old and new material separated in my mind as I end up teaching both old and new for several weeks.
One thing that is SO fun with launch week is teaming up and teaching with another instructor for different classes! I love getting to hear how other instructors teach, and I usually get some bonus phrases and tips to use in my own classes!

This past week included taking and teaching a ton of classes! It was a lot of fun, but I am ready for less of a crazy week ahead.
Monday- Took Sprint and Body Pump, and took a walk with the dog
Tuesday- Took Body Combat and taught Body Pump, and a walk with the dog.
Wednesday Team taught Sprint & Body pump in the early morning, taught Pump again mid morning and then taught one last class in the evening. Also did a walk with the dog.
Thursday (I was surprised I could walk, haha)- Took Body Combat and took the dog for a walk.
Friday – Skipped an early class I wanted to try (aiming for that this week) and taught Sprint
Saturday – Taught Body Pump
Sunday – RESTED most of the day

Other than all the teaching, life has just been non-stop! I guess that is how it goes most of the time these days! I really have been wanting to pull back from just being ‘busy’ to having purpose for all that I am doing. So spending quality time with friends and family the past few weeks has been really encouraging and a huge blessing as well!

This past weekend I had the joy of spending time with some kiddos at a huge pumpkin patch with tons of fun activities as well! It was a ton of fun, and watching the kids enjoy it brought so much joy to my heart! Also enjoyed a great haul from Imperfect Foods! We have been using them for months now, and every time we get a box, it is always fabulous!
I also had some technology issues with my watch dying and my computer charger cord died! So it took a few days to get those back up and running (aka, getting new ones).
My car also hit a milestone! Shes a keeper!

I have a few goals for October

  • Keep being intentional with telling people I love and care about how much they mean to me!
  • Try 1-2 new classes or instructors a week
  • Bed time at 9:30 as much as possible
  • Water intake goal- 175 oz/day
  • Beauty & supplement routine

Hope you all have an amazing week!

I am linking up with Kim & Deborah for the Weekly Run Down!

17 thoughts on “Happy October Y’all!”

  1. What a busy week! I’m jealous of your trip to the pumpkin patch…I haven’t been to one of them in years LOL


  2. What a busy week! I’m jealous of your trip to the pumpkin patch…I haven’t been to one of them in years LOL


  3. Sounds like your October is off to a good start with all the activities you’ve already done and the fun experiences you had. October happens to be my favorite month!


  4. at least you are “good” busy and not “without a purpose” busy! I miss my classes so much. But I just can’t do body pump right now (too fast – I need to control how I do the exercises). I wanted to try RPM again last week and then too much stuff came up. After my vacation I’ll be back at RPM, see how it goes and then if ok, I’ll do sprint again as well.


  5. Great work! I’m sure launching new programs and classes must be a huge undertaking but it looks like you got it done with a smile on your face! I love that you are keeping up with your goals through it all!


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