Weekly Run Down

Hello friends!
It has been a week! It started off on a great note with work, time with friends & the hubby and workouts. For the most part the week was going really well. It was a nice mix of getting things done and a little down time. Thursday that all changed.
I met a friend for lunch and when I ordered, I confirmed there were no onions used in the dish, and mentioned that I was allergic. When my plate arrived, it was FULL of onions. I took it back and the manager said he would take care of it. When they brought the plate out again, no onions were in the food, but somehow, it came into contact with onions because within 30 min of eating, I began to have a reaction. My reactions are all in my digestive track, and it is NOT pretty! I have not had a bad reaction like this since we were in Africa 3 years ago. The rest of the day I did what I could to combat it.

I woke up Friday feeling slightly worse and tried to get a sub for my class. I wasn’t able to find anyone, so I tried to make it through. I was a HOT mess! I warned them that I was not feeling great, and that I would be coaching more than doing the workout with them. I did ok for the first half of class, and then all of a sudden I could tell I was about to pass out. I got off the bike and sat down on the stage. That feeling passed and then I felt like I was going to lose my breakfast. I took myself to the back of the room with a trash can and sat in the corner. I somehow managed to keep coaching the class and we all made it. I am so thankful for my team and for how they crushed their workout! I am also SO thankful that by Saturday I was doing a lot better and my Saturday classes went SO much better!

We launched all our new Les Mills classes at one of my gyms on Saturday! I was really stoked to teach these classes. The allergic reaction took me back a little, and I thought I might have to skip teaching. Thankfully I managed to teach well, and I had 2 other instructors who were in my classes and they were my demonstrators for the core track. I knew my tummy would not feel great with a bunch of different crunches!
Despite the health challenges, I had a pretty good week overall!

Weekly Run Down

Monday- Took Body Pump, and lifted pretty heavy!
Tuesday- Taught 2 Body Pump classes, including a 5:30 am class
Wednesday- Taught 2 Body Pump classes & practiced Sprint
Thursday- Took a Body Combat class
Friday- Barley survived teaching Sprint
Saturday- Taught 2 morning Body Pump classes then REST
Sunday- REST!

Sunday the hubby and I went to see the movie Overcomer! SOOOO good! I should have brought a box of kleenex with me! It was nice to get a little date afternoon with our different schedules lately!

We also spent some time with our co-share puppy and got a fun new welcome mat!

Coming soon is an instructor series! If you have any questions about how to become an instructor, what it takes to be an instructor, or really anything fitness instructor related, let me know! I would love to make sure I tackle many different aspects of becoming an instructor!


8 thoughts on “Weekly Run Down”

  1. Ugh! So frustrating that the restaurant didn’t;t get your order correct the first time, especially since you told them of your allergy. That’s so frustrating. Glad that you are feeling better now.


  2. Oh, you poor thing! Onions are a tricky one – they are in just about everything! I’m so sorry the restaurant didn’t take your request more seriously and you got sick. However, way to push through! That takes strength!

    Love that you were able to have a date and spend time with the pup!


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