Birthday Wishes

I recently heard a song, and the lyrics talked about it being a year of winters. In many ways, that is what this past year has felt like! I am SO thankful that it finally feels like the seasons are changing. Despite there being some really tough times, I am so grateful for so much!
As another birthday is here, I am grateful I am here to celebrate it with so many wonderful people in my life. There are of course many who I wish were still here to celebrate with, but I look forward to the HUGE party in heaven one day!

5 reasons why I am celebrating BIG this year

1. My loving husband! He has been a rock for me this past year as hit after hit kept coming. He is my biggest cheerleader!

2. My wonderful friends! I have the best friends! Many of my dearest ones live out of the state, and even out of the country, but I am SO blessed with friends who love me for who I am and I cherish each one!

3. My family, even though they are far away!

4. My fitness classes and the ability to move and workout! I am SO grateful for the progress I made this year, and for the ability to move my body and also instruct the sweetest people in my classes!

5. My faith! I know that my faith has helped me get through this year! My church family has encouraged me and kept me in their prayers, which has also been a huge support!

Now off to teach some classes and enjoy some delicious chocolate later! Cheers to 38 years loved!


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