May is already here??

Welcome to May!!!
I cannot believe that May have already here! I feel like the year is just flying by!! Anyone else feel this way?
To tell you the truth April was not a very stellar month in terms of my goals and that’s OK!
Life happened and sometimes goals just don’t work out the way we plane!  I am so grateful that I have learned to give myself GRACE when this happens, and not beat myself up about it. 

So for May I am taking things down a notch. I am going to keep it simple for the month of May!  I know this month is going to be pretty full with work, teaching, my church and other life events and possibly some travel.  I know it is also going to be hard at times as this will be 1 year since my grandmother passed away.  My memories about her have been popping up already from the last conversations we had and it hits me deep in my soul. 

I still want to have some goals in mind for the month, but I am just focusing on a few!

Three simple goals for this month.

Balance between work and rest– I have been teaching more classes (which has been good and fun), but I also need to keep up with my rest.  So focusing on more rest on the days I teach multiple times and while I rest, keep using my foam roller, my toe stretchers, my foot bath and my muscle massager.  I may even sneak in 2 real massages this month with my therapist.  My body has been needing a little extra love with the additional classes I am teaching and taking.

Hydration and nutrition– For all the water I drink, I still struggle to stay hydrated! I know teaching in a hot and humid climate doesn’t help things very much either.  I bought a new water bottle from one of my fav companies because I have found I do better when I use a bottle with a straw! My new Takeya bottle is GORGEOUS and with the straw I have been doing better with reaching my goals

For my nutrition this month I am keeping things really simple as well.  I don’t have as much time to really prep like I have in the past, and I also really don’t want to spend a ton of time cooking. I have been eating less and less meat and I am feeling better with out so much.  I am not going 100% vegetarian or vegan just yet, but  playing around with things to see what helps me the best! I will also be working with a nutrition coach to make sure I am getting enough nutrients to keep me fueled properly!

Education – I ordered a bunch of books in March and April and I have only listened to one of them! So I will be diving back into more reading and deeper studies on certain topics that are becoming more intriguing to me! I will also be adding to some book club discussions and learning from others who are reading similar books!

What is one goal you have for May?


8 thoughts on “May is already here??”

  1. I feel the same way – this year is absolutely flying by!

    I love your goals for the month. One thing that helps me drink a lot of water is having reusable water bottle everywhere – home, work, gym bag, car, etc


  2. My goal for May is celebration! We have my birthday, Mother’s Day and Bentley’s gotcha day, plus the end of 5th grade for my son, so it’s all about making sure to enjoy all those milestones, as well as staying on top of my fitness and workouts. I feel good about making it happen with balance!

    Your May goals sound perfecgt!


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