Spring into NOW challenge

Happy Friday! Whew, the first week of April has flown by in a flash!

I began the week with the most adorable sheets I think I have ever had! I had a super cute set in college that is a close tie, but these win! {Hint, you can find them at Target}

This week has been really fun with the Spring into NOW challenge. As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was honored to partner up with NOW Foods for their spring challenge.

Monday- I love starting my day off with my latest go-to smoothie (recipe) that is creamy, full of chocolate and helps keep my belly happy with the addition of @nowfoodsofficial Probiotic-10™! The 10 BILLION live probiotics in these packets support my tummy for whatever craziness the day may bring!

Tuesday- All about hydration! Hydration for the inside of my body (hello water) and for my skin! I have to admit that I’m not always the best at taking care of skin, but I am aiming to be more consistent with it!
Most days, I’ve got the sweaty post-workout glow, but we all know that only lasts so long. This season, I’m focused more than ever to keep myself hydrated for all my workout and life adventures and to keep my skin looking great.
Coupled with ALL the water, I’ve been using @nowfoodsofficial Solutions Rosewater Rejuvenating Mist for the ultimate skin refresher that instantly hydrates and revitalizes my skin.

Wednesday- It’s one of my favorite workout days because I get to teach my fav Body Pump class to my crew!
Confession time- one thing I have been working on is my pre-workout nutrition. Cause let’s me honest, it’s not always that stellar. Thankfully, with @nowfoodsofficial Beet Root Powder, I’ve been able to whip up some smoothies to grab and go on my way to the gym! It helps energize me for my workout, and I’m not left feeling depleted at the end!

Thursday- I love summer!! Swimming, lazy days, the beach and sunshine! Before I’m ready to jump in the pool, I need to get my skin ready! I’ve been loving NOW® Nutri-Shave™ Natural Shave Cream. With aloe vera, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and more, its soothing properties will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated after every shave! And let’s face it, who doesn’t want soft and hydrated skin?

Friday- Anyone else feel like they live *on*the*go* most of the time? Errands, appts, kid activities, gym sessions and just plain living! If you are like me, you (or your passengers) get hungry while driving around! I have learned to keep a bag of snacks in my car for those times when the hunger strikes and I’m out and about! I recently made a new snack with @nowfoodsofficial new nut butters! The salted caramel one is my new fav! I added it to my latest batch of muffins, and oh my goodness!! I can’t get enough! I took my protein banana bread recipe to a whole new level by adding a few tablespoons of the salted caramel nut butter to the batter before I baked them! Game changer!!! You can see the recipe here!

You can see all the other action on Instagram by following the #SpringintoNOW hashtag!

Come join the fun till April 10th, and you could win a $200 gift card to Nowfoods.com


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